Well here I am again...4 years ago I sat down and had my mind set on starting this blog as I became middle aged! Well I must have needed my head examined, I was only 43 for god's sake, why on earth did I think that was middle aged when I'm  still contemplating becoming middle aged at the age of 47, I am a very young 47 I might least my mind thinks so...
This time round I am going to be a proper blogger and who knows, I might even grow up during my musings.
What better time to start afresh than at the beginning of a new year, a time for new starts and new beginnings.

  1. New Diet   ✓
  2. New Job
  3. New Hair Colour
  4. New Positive Attitude 
Ok so I can't honestly tick the last one yet but I'm gonna give "Positivity" a good shot and see where it gets me.  The diet I'm trying is the 5:2 Diet. I start a new job in a hospital on Monday and my hair
is becoming a shade darker tomorrow to ensure I am taken seriously in my new role.

So join me as I venture into 2014 and see how ordinary my life really is!!!

Oh I almost forgot ...

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