Help...I'm Middle Aged

It's official! I am a middle-aged woman, well at least that's what the guy on tv said. I was watching a tv show and the suave presenter described this gorgeous looking lady as middle aged, only to reveal in further discussion that she was 43!!!! Well, I'm going to be 43 in November so I guess I am officially middle aged. This has come has quite a shock to me as I still feel twenty something and according to my 16 year old son, I act very immature sometimes. I always thought middle aged was about 60 and it could well be if I live to be 120!!!!
Anyway...welcome to my blog. I'm Dee and I live a normal life in Hertfordshire with hubby, 3 son's and a dog. There are events that happen nearly every day that make me think that i could write a book, but I don;t have time for that so here I am.
My life is normal, most of the time. I've been an Avon Lady, Virgin Vie rep, Body Shop at Home rep, Ann Summmers organiser (ohh la la) in fact I could go on all day. It's not that I give up it's just that I get bored. I've tried my hand at various crafts, Salt Dough, card making, scrapbooking, Cold porcelain and for my next trick I'm going to try jewellery making and I'll be able to share that with you all..Oops, off to collect the boys from school....
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1 Response to "Help...I'm Middle Aged"

  1. Holland : ) says:
    20 November 2009 at 01:28

    Well just posted a comment but it doesn't appear to have come I am writing again lol. What a lovely blog yo did you get the lovely pictures up? Have added to you to my blogs. Saw you on NM's and thought I would take a peek...take a look at mine

    See u on NM's!

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